Putin Issues Direct Threat to European Country

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.04 - 2023 8:25 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Putin Issues Direct Threat to European Country.

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Since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, there has been a continuous stream of threats emanating from the country.

These threats have persisted and often come from employees of state-owned Russian TV stations or individuals closely associated with President Vladimir Putin.

However, it is rare for the Russian president himself to issue such threats, but this was the case in his recent address.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a direct threat to Latvia, warning of a reciprocal response if the mistreatment of the Russian-speaking population in the country continues.

"I don't know the current percentage, but in Latvia, I believe, there was 40% of Russian-speaking population. If they continue such a policy towards people who wanted to live in that country, worked, created goods for that country, and if they are treated so poorly, then they will face such poor treatment within their own country," Putin stated during a conversation with members of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights. The discussion was broadcasted by the 'Russia 24' TV channel according to Ura News.

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