Putin on War Against Ukraine: Regrets Not Attacking Earlier

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.15 - 2024 10:16 AM CET

Photo: ID1974 / Shutterstock.com
Photo: ID1974 / Shutterstock.com
Russian President Vladimir Putin has voiced regret over not launching an open attack on Ukraine sooner, despite not regretting the war itself.

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In a discussion aired on Russia 1 TV channel, Putin reflected on the war's progression, suggesting his only regret was not acting more decisively earlier, seemingly referring to the 2022 full-scale invasion rather than the 2014 hybrid warfare.

"The only thing we can regret is that we did not take intense action earlier," Putin reported.

The interview, conducted by Pavel Zarubin, also touched on Putin's interaction with American media figure Tucker Carlson, labeling him as a "dangerous person" for steering the conversation away from potentially "sharp answers."

Putin expressed dissatisfaction with the interview's outcome, noting he had prepared for more challenging questions to provide "specificity" but was left wanting.

He also commented on the U.S.'s political climate, hinting at a desire for the alleged arrest of Carlson to expose what he views as a "liberal democratic dictatorship."

When comparing U.S. Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Putin found Biden to be "a more predictable person."

Additionally, post-interview discussions with Carlson's team broached the topic of Russia's historical "demonization," particularly regarding Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire, which Putin inaccurately attributed mostly to modern Ukraine.

In fact, Jewish pogroms took place throughout the Russian Empire.

Despite the lengthy interview, Russian interest was tepid, with the broadcast ranking 19th among TV programs for the week, only marginally outperforming other shows, according to Radio Liberty and The Moscow Times.

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