Putin Proposes Ceasefire Contingent on Ukrainian Concessions

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.14 - 2024 4:04 PM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podoliak dismissed the offer

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed a conditional ceasefire in Ukraine, contingent upon Kiev's withdrawal of troops from four regions annexed by Russia in the east and south, and renunciation of its NATO aspirations.

Conditional Ceasefire Offer

Putin addressed the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stating live on television,

"As soon as Kiev announces its readiness for this decision and initiates a real troop withdrawal from those regions, and officially renounces plans to join NATO, we will immediately order a ceasefire and begin negotiations."

Western Response and Economic Sanctions

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has urged Western countries to consider Putin's peace proposal for Ukraine.

Lavrov emphasized past rejections of Russian proposals have resulted in negative consequences. Meanwhile, Putin criticized Western actions, describing the freezing of Russian assets as "theft" and warning of repercussions.

G7 Decision and Ukrainian Rejection

The G7 leaders agreed to provide Ukraine with a $50 billion loan funded by the interest generated from frozen Russian assets. However, Ukraine swiftly rejected Putin's conditions.

Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podoliak dismissed the offer as a reiteration of previous demands, stating on social media, "There are no new peace proposals from Russia. Putin's statement simply repeats the standard aggressor's package that we have heard many times."

Podoliak criticized the proposal as highly offensive to international law and indicative of the current Russian leadership's inability to accurately assess geopolitical realities.