Putin Signs New Laws: Fines Up to 1 Million Rubles for Breaking One of Them

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.12 - 2023 8:10 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Putin signs new laws.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently signed several new laws, with one imposing fines of up to one million rubles.

The documents, now published on the official legal information portal according to Ura News, cover a range of areas. Here are some of the key laws signed by Putin:

  1. Biometric Data Handling Violations: The law introduces fines of up to one million rubles for breaches in the handling of biometric personal data. This emphasizes the increasing importance of securing and responsibly managing biometric information.

  2. Equivalence of Electronic and Paper Documents: Another law enables consular officials to verify the equivalence of electronic and paper documents. This step reflects the modernization of administrative processes and recognition of electronic documentation in diplomatic and consular affairs.

  3. Conditional Early Release for Mothers of Young Offenders: The age threshold for children whose mothers, convicted of minor offenses, can benefit from conditional early release is raised from three to four years. This seeks to balance justice and family considerations in legal decisions.

  4. Enhanced Online Authorization: A law introduces additional methods for online authorization on Russian websites until 2025, including the use of foreign-based services. This move aligns with the evolving landscape of digital identity verification.

  5. Border Decontamination Measures: In response to outbreaks of animal infectious diseases in certain countries, a law mandates the disinfection of vehicles entering Russia at state borders. This precautionary measure aims to prevent the spread of diseases affecting animals.

  6. Regulation of Chamber of Commerce Services: The legislation aims to curb the rising costs of services provided by trade and industrial chambers for issuing certificates of origin for goods and documents related to foreign economic activities.

  7. Preservation of Museum Collections: A law underscores the principle of the integrity and indivisibility of museum collections. It recognizes all items and collections of museums playing a significant role in scientific, educational, and enlightening activities as particularly valuable movable property.

  8. Ban on New Livestock Burial Sites: The creation of new livestock burial sites is prohibited, and existing sites must be phased out within 25 years. This law addresses environmental concerns and promotes sustainable practices in dealing with animal remains.

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