Putin Unlikely to Be Pleased: Estonia Considers Placing Mines Along the Russian Border

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.16 - 2024 5:03 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Estonia Considers Placing Mines Along the Russian Border.

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The Baltic countries feel threatened by Russia, especially as the Kremlin elites often question the existence of these states. In recent weeks, there has been increasing talk that Vladimir Putin may particularly target two countries - Estonia and Latvia. In the former, the placement of mines along the border with Russia is being considered.

As reported by the Estonian portal err.ee, the Vice-Chairman of the National Defence Committee of the Riigikogu (the unicameral parliament of Estonia) Leo Kunnas openly states that border protection with Russia needs to be strengthened. One of the methods could be the placement of anti-tank and anti-infantry mines.

Estonia to Mine the Border with Russia? Three Conditions

However, the issue is not so simple and obvious. Estonia must meet at least three conditions, which Kunnas directly addresses. First, there is a need to replenish mine resources, as part of them were transferred to Ukraine, which is also building reinforcements along the front line.

The second matter is international law. Estonia has signed the Ottawa Treaty. This document stipulates the elimination of anti-personnel mines as a means of combat. The country would have to disregard this provision. Kunnas discussed this with representatives of the United States, who are not a party to the treaty. They explained to him that American troops are in South Korea, where they are ready to defend in case of an attack by North Korea. The USA believes that in those conditions, anti-personnel mines are simply necessary.

As the third condition, it is essential to start the production of explosives in Estonia, which will be used to produce anti-tank and anti-infantry mines, as well as for the production of artillery shells. "Once we do that, we can start talking about seriously beginning to build defensive structures," announced the Estonian MP.

Kunnas added that it is possible to build permanent concrete fortifications, such as bunkers, in key places. The MP noted that similar fortifications are used in Ukraine by both sides.

Not the First Fortifications on the Border

The idea with mines is not the first initiative to strengthen security on the Estonian-Russian border.

Estonia had already decided to set up barriers on the border. After illegal migrants sent by Putin's services appeared on the border with Russia, the famous "dragon's teeth" appeared on the bridge connecting the country with the Russian Federation. These concrete obstacles serve as anti-tank barriers.

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