Putin Urged to Order NATO Attack – But Not From Russia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.03 - 2024 8:47 PM CET

Foto: Screenshot
Foto: Screenshot
Even if it were Putin who ordered it, it would not be carried out by Russia.

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Russia is being urged by its own actors to attack one of NATO's most powerful members.

The Russian regime is under pressure.

Earlier last week, before the brutal missile attack on Ukraine on Friday, the Ukrainian military conducted a successful operation in the Black Sea when they destroyed the over hundred meters long Russian vessel Novocherkassk on the second day of Easter.

The cruise missiles used in the attack were reportedly provided by the UK's Ministry of Defense, which contributed both satellite reconnaissance and target guidance according to Swedish journalist Marcus Oscarsson.

Demanding Counterattack

The fact that the UK assisted Ukraine has now led Russian actors to demand that Vladimir Putin strike the British warship HMS Diamond.

Political scientist Yuri Baranchick calls the attack a "rehearsal" for a potential future attack on Russia's fleet.

"This is a blow from the UK and the USA and a desire to disrupt the positive circumstances surrounding the siege of Marinka, just like the recent successes of the Russian armed forces at the front," claims Yuri Baranchik on Telegram.

Urging Terror Group to Attack

However, according to the Russian political scientist, an attack order against the UK would not be carried out by Russia itself.

Instead, the Houthi rebels, a terror-labeled group affiliated with Iran, are encouraged to sink the British vessel.

"We can provide the Houthis with suitable anti-ship missiles, while the Western world supplies Kyiv with relevant specialists who are not formally in military service in the Russian armed forces. In principle, we can raise the stakes across borders with mandatory preliminary information support," emphasizes Yuri Baranchik according to BNN Breaking.

He then gives a technical description of how it would be done.

"Do it yourselves. And officially declare that Russia's patience with the West's antics is over."

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