Putin's fear: Here's Ukraine's new superweapon

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.18 - 2023 8:37 AM CET

Photo: USDD
Photo: USDD
Here's Ukraine's new superweapon.

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Ukraine has received a much-anticipated delivery from the United States, and it's bad news for Putin. President Volodymyr Zelensky has long sought effective and powerful weapons for Ukraine's armed forces to counter Russia's aggressive military actions.

The U.S., after some deliberation, has agreed to supply Ukraine with ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System) weapons, according to BBC News.

Manufactured by Lockheed Martin, the ATACMS is a long-range, precision-strike ground missile. The system provides the capability to attack time-sensitive, high-value targets in all weather conditions.

The missile has been secretly delivered to Ukraine and was not part of the list of military aid published by the U.S. in September, aiming for a surprise effect against Russia.

The missile has several high-tech features:

  • It can reach up to 30 miles.

  • It is GPS-guided.

  • It has enhanced blast effects.

  • It is compatible with the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (Himars), which Ukraine already uses against Russia.

For the first time, Ukraine has used ATACMS missiles in a massive attack against Russian airfields, according to Ukrainian sources.

The missiles' long reach offers a significant advantage, allowing Ukraine to strike deeper into Russian-occupied territory. The ATACMS also saves Ukrainian soldiers' lives by eliminating the need to use aircraft, which are at high risk of being shot down.

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