Putin's 'Fountain of Youth' Has Died

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Jan.12 - 2024 8:29 PM CET

Photo: Kremlin
Photo: Kremlin
The man known as Putin's fountain of youth has passed away. Vladimir Khavinson was 77 years old.

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As a gerontologist and expert in aging, Vladimir Khavinson specialized in various aspects of the biological process of growing older.

He became known as Putin's fountain of youth because he was employed, among other things, to find ways for the Russian president to live as long as possible.

But now he has died.

This is reported by several Russian media outlets, including The Moscow Times.

The newspaper reports that Vladimir Khavinson experimented with 13 different kinds of medicine and 64 different dietary supplements in the hope of achieving the goal of living up to 120 years.

However, it apparently did not work out as planned, as he died at the age of 77.

In 2017, Vladimir Khavinson was honored by Vladimir Putin himself and received a medal for his medical contributions in Russia.

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