Russia's highest representative in EU is said to be a spy

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.24 - 2023 12:47 PM CET


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The European Union's diplomatic sphere is currently embroiled in a spy scandal, with allegations pointing towards Kirill Logvinov, the de facto head of the Russian mission to the EU in Brussels.

German news media, Der Spiegel, as well as a consortium of European news outlets, are raising questions about his true activities in the EU, suspecting him to be a spy operating under diplomatic cover.

Kirill Logvinov, 48, has been a part of the permanent mission of Russia in Brussels since 2018, rising to prominence after the departure of the last ambassador about a year ago.

Prior to his stint in Brussels, he served at the Russian embassy in Berlin from 2010 to 2014, with no suspicions raised about possible espionage activities at that time.

The Joint Investigation

The suspicions against Logvinov are not new; they first surfaced last year, and were highlighted in an EUObserver article that explored the activities of alleged Russian agents.

At that time, Logvinov was not the head of the mission. Subsequently, an investigation was launched into potential links between him and employees of the European Commission, although the Commission denied such contacts existed.

Espiomats journalists, in collaboration with SPIEGEL, De Tijd, Expressen, Delfi, LRT, VSquare and Frontstory, the Dossier Center, and the Slovak ICJK, are currently conducting a broader study on possible Russian spies in the EU. Logvinov’s case forms a crucial part of this investigation.

Belgian security agencies are reportedly also suspicious of Logvinov, believing him to be working for the SVR, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

They are also entertaining the possibility that other Russian employees of the mission might be engaged in espionage activities against the European Union. However, Belgian authorities have remained tight-lipped on the specifics of these activities and have refused to comment directly on Logvinov.

The Diplomatic Dilemma

The question of how to address the issue of Logvinov's presence in the EU has reportedly been a topic of intense discussion among European diplomatic circles and special services.

Belgian counterintelligence has allegedly called for his expulsion, but this has been met with resistance from the European External Action Service (EEAS), which fears potential repercussions for EU diplomats in Russia.

Martin Goisik, Vice-President of the European Parliament, expressed his surprise and concern regarding the lack of action taken against Logvinov, should the Belgian security agencies have indeed recommended his expulsion.

The ongoing investigation by the consortium of European news outlets is expected to shed more light on these issues, potentially leading to significant diplomatic ramifications.

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