Quran Burning Stirs Tension Ahead of Eurovision in Sweden

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.17 - 2024 11:37 AM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
As Eurovision approaches, police confront a contentious request to burn the Quran at a public square

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In the lead-up to the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malmö, Sweden, the city's police are dealing with a controversial request.

An application to burn the Quran at Gustav Adolfs Torg on May 3, just one day before the international music event begins, has been submitted, raising concerns about potential disorder.

This development was reported by SVT Nyheter.

Legal Implications

The police in the South region of Sweden are currently assessing the legal and social implications of permitting such an event.

"The application is under consideration, and we have yet to make a decision," stated Maya Forstenius, the press manager for the police.

Per Engström, the national command director at the Police, highlighted the immense scale of police operations for Eurovision, which are set to be some of the most extensive in the region's history. The authorities are preparing to manage a range of security concerns, including demonstrations, terrorist threats, and now the possibility of a public Quran burning.

Regional Decision-Making

The decision on whether to permit this contentious event lies with the regional authorities.

"We are aware that an application has been received, and the permits will be handled regionally," Engström noted.

This proposed Quran burning has sparked a debate on the balance between freedom of expression and public safety, placing the police in a delicate position as they navigate the complexities of hosting a global event like Eurovision while ensuring community harmony and security.