Recent Court Decision Stirs Free Speech Concerns in Hong Kong

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.08 - 2024 10:34 AM CET

Photo: John YE /
Photo: John YE /
The Hong Kong Appeal Court has banned the protest anthem 'Glory to Hong Kong'."

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In a ruling on Wednesday, Hong Kong's appeal court approved the government's application to ban the protest anthem "Glory to Hong Kong," reversing a lower court's previous decision that had upheld free speech concerns.

According to Reuters, this decision has drawn criticism amid growing concerns about the erosion of the rule of law and individual rights in Hong Kong under China's national security crackdown.

The anthem, which became a symbol of resistance during the 2019 protests, has been a point of contention in the city's ongoing political struggle.

The government's successful appeal to ban the song reflects the increasing influence of China's Communist Party leaders over Hong Kong's judicial and civil freedoms.

The ruling has far-reaching implications for internet freedoms and the operations of various businesses, including internet service providers and technology companies like Google.

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