Remember Viktor Krum from 'Harry Potter'? He's Totally Unrecognizable Today

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.24 - 2023 9:52 AM CET

Photo: Warner
Photo: Warner
He's Totally Unrecognizable Today.

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Stanislav Yanevski, who captured hearts as the brooding Viktor Krum in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," has undergone a remarkable transformation since his appearance in the 2005 film.

Eighteen years after his debut in the wizarding world, Yanevski is almost unrecognizable.

Photo: Warner

In a recent Instagram video, Yanevski promoted a Harry Potter gift shop while donning an eccentric 1940s-inspired outfit and holding a tobacco pipe. His post reflected his journey through the ages, inspired by the world of art in all its forms and colors.

He expressed a positive and friendly energy, influenced by a unique boutique bookstore.

From Hogwarts to Motivational Speaking

Yanevski's character in Harry Potter, known for attracting attention at Hogwarts, especially from Hermione Granger at the Yule Ball, has now traded his clean-shaven look and famous shaved head for a bushy beard and mustache. Despite the change, he maintains his fitness, regularly showcasing his physique on social media.

'Before and after'

Beyond Acting: A New Career Path

After acting in films like "Hostel: Part II" and "The Cloaking," Yanevski's last movie appearance was in 2021. Since then, he has shifted his focus to motivational speaking.

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