Renowned Chess Legend, Garry Kasparov, Named on Russia's 'Terrorists and Extremists' Registry

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.06 - 2024 7:38 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Renowned Chess Legend, Garry Kasparov, Named on Russia's 'Terrorists and Extremists' Registry.

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Garry Kasparov, the renowned chess grandmaster turned political activist, has been officially listed as a "terrorist and extremist" by Russia, according to the country's financial monitoring agency, Rosfinmonitoring.

The agency, however, did not disclose the specific reasons for Kasparov's inclusion on this list. Kasparov, a staunch critic of Vladimir Putin's regime, has been outspoken against the Russian president's policies and military actions in Ukraine since their inception in 2014.

After retiring from professional chess in 2005, Kasparov shifted his focus towards political activism and has been an ardent opponent of Putin, whom he once labeled "the world's most dangerous man."

The designation as an "extremist and terrorist" by Russian authorities means Kasparov's financial assets can be frozen without the need for a judicial order.

Kasparov, who anticipated legal repercussions for his political endeavors, relocated from Russia to the United States in 2013 and currently resides in New York City. In May 2022, he was also tagged as a "foreign agent" by Russian officials, citing alleged financial support from Ukraine.

Amidst the ongoing conflict following Russia's escalated military actions against Ukraine, Kasparov has been actively involved in the anti-war efforts from abroad. He has contributed to the formation of the Anti-War Committee of Russia, aiming to consolidate opposition against the war.

Kasparov's foray into the political arena included an attempt to run for the Russian presidency in 2008, a campaign he ultimately abandoned due to what he described as systematic "obstruction." His recent designation marks another chapter in his long-standing opposition to Putin's government.