Repeated Missile Strikes in Myrhorod

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.16 - 2024 9:43 AM CET

Russian forces targeted the Myrhorod district for the second consecutive night, but missiles hit open ground.

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On the night of February 15-16, Russian missiles targeted the Myrhorod district in Poltava Oblast, hitting open ground.

Fortunately, the attack resulted in no casualties, as reported by Filip Pronin, the Head of Poltava Oblast Military Administration.

Throughout the day leading up to the attack, Poltava Oblast experienced six air-raid warnings, totaling nearly four hours of alerts.

As midnight approached, the Air Force detected two missiles heading towards Myrhorod.

Escalating Tensions in Myrhorod

This recent strike marks the second consecutive missile attack on Myrhorod in just two days.

The previous attack on the night of February 14-15 targeted a warehouse in the Myrhorod district, igniting a fire that spread over 100 square meters.

Similar to the latest incident, the initial strike resulted in no casualties, despite the significant damage to property.