Revelations Emerge About a "Hidden Room" in Trump's Mar-a-Lago

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.02 - 2024 1:16 PM CET

Revelations Emerge About a "Hidden Room" in Trump's Mar-a-Lago.

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Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate has come under scrutiny following reports of a "hidden room" that the FBI overlooked during their August 2022 search for classified documents. According to ABC News, this undisclosed area, situated near the former president's bedroom, became a focal point for Special Counsel Jack Smith's team, who learned of its existence after the federal agents concluded their search for sensitive materials demanded by subpoena.

Despite searching Trump's bedroom, FBI agents reportedly missed a concealed door behind a dresser and television, leading to a space primarily used by maintenance staff for accessing cables.

The existence of this hidden room, along with a locked closet within the Palm Beach estate, was unknown to the FBI during their initial search, raising questions about the thoroughness of their investigation.

The inquiry into the hidden room followed Trump's indictment last June over allegations he unlawfully kept sensitive and top-secret information after leaving office in January 2021, facing 40 charges related to the mishandling and obstruction of retrieving these documents. Trump has since pleaded not guilty to these charges.

The decision not to search every nook of Mar-a-Lago, including the hidden room, has surprised legal experts. Jordan Strauss, a former federal prosecutor and national security official, expressed astonishment at the FBI's oversight, emphasizing the importance of conducting a comprehensive search in such high-stakes situations. Similarly, former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance highlighted the puzzling nature of the FBI's decision not to re-examine the estate more thoroughly but speculated that the FBI might have believed they had already located the crucial documents.

The classified documents saga at Mar-a-Lago revealed over 100 classified documents, some marked top secret, were retrieved from the resort, with allegations that Trump stored sensitive materials in publicly accessible areas, including bathrooms and office spaces.

As Trump prepares for his May trial regarding the classified documents charges, the discovery of the hidden room adds another layer to the ongoing legal and political drama surrounding the former president's handling of classified information.

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