Russia Alleges Ukrainian Shelling of Bakery in Lugansk Kills Seven Civilians

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.03 - 2024 8:02 PM CET

Photo: The administration of Lysychansk
Photo: The administration of Lysychansk
Russia Alleges Ukrainian Shelling of Bakery in Lugansk Kills Seven Civilians.

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In a recent incident reported by the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR), as claimed by Russian sources, a bakery in the city of Lisichansk was subjected to shelling by Ukrainian military forces, resulting in seven civilian casualties.

This assertion comes amidst ongoing tensions in the region, with Russian and LPR officials providing updates on the aftermath of the attack.

According to statements made to TASS by local emergency services, the shelling led to the death of seven civilians. The Russian Emergencies Ministry further noted that five bodies have been retrieved from the debris, indicating the severity of the attack. Efforts are currently being made to conduct search and rescue operations for potential survivors.

Prior to these reports, LPR military commandant's office had informed that the bakery incident resulted in two fatalities and six injuries due to the alleged Ukrainian armed forces' actions.

Leonid Pasechnik, the head of the LPR, had also earlier mentioned that the shelling caused injuries to three civilians and left several dozen individuals potentially trapped under the rubble.

Ukraine has not yet responded to the attack, and so far, it is only reports from Russia that suggest it was an attack carried out by Ukraine.

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