Russia Announces Plans for Mass-Production of 'Drel' Bombs

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.10 - 2024 2:59 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Russia Announces Plans for Mass-Production of 'Drel' Bombs.

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Russia has announced plans to commence production of its latest glide bomb, named "Drel", in the year 2024. This information was confirmed by TASS, the Russian state-run media, according Trt World.

The "Drel" represents a new class of munitions, specifically designed to be launched from aircraft, allowing pilots to operate at safer distances from potential targets.

These bombs are equipped with guided flight paths, enabling precise delivery of payloads. Western analysts have scrutinized these payloads, suggesting they might be cluster munitions, a classification that carries its own implications in modern warfare.

Russia's arsenal already includes glide bombs, which have seen active use in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. The introduction of "Drel" is set to augment these capabilities significantly. Specifically, the "Drel" is tailored for deployment against armored vehicles, ground-based infrastructures, and anti-air defenses. This versatility highlights its potential role in modern warfare scenarios.

There's a growing interest in the bomb's technical aspects, especially its ability to counteract jamming and evade radar detection. Analysts cited by Reuters have speculated that "Drel" might possess advanced features making it resistant to such countermeasures, a crucial aspect in contemporary aerial combat.

Despite the advanced technology in "Drel," it's important to note that the use of glide bombs does not entirely eliminate risks for pilots. There remains an inherent danger in deploying these weapons, especially considering the sophisticated air defense systems in use today.

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