Russia Blames Ukraine's Air Defense for Civilian Casualties in Recent Missile Attack

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.30 - 2023 11:35 AM CET

According to Russia it was Ukraines own air defense who caused the death of civilians during massive Russian attack on Ukraine.

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Russia has accused Ukraine's air defense system of causing civilian casualties during a recent missile strike. This claim was made by Russia's Permanent Representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, in response to accusations against Russia for targeting civilian objects in Ukraine.

The exchange of diplomatic barbs followed massive missile strikes by the Russian Armed Forces on Ukrainian territory. This is reported by Lenta.

British Representative's Statement at the UN Security Council

At a UN Security Council meeting, the UK's representative, Barbara Woodward, held Russia responsible, stating that civilian casualties would have been higher if not for the air defense system Ukraine received from the international community.

In response, Nebenzia called such a statement cynical, arguing that Ukrainian missiles, missing their targets or veering off course, fall on residential buildings and peaceful objects. He urged the UK to stop supplying Kyiv with missiles for air defense.

Russia's Stance on Ukrainian Casualties

Nebenzia also accused Ukraine of violating international humanitarian law, which he claimed also led to the death of Ukrainians. He acknowledged that the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a massive strike on "military objects across Ukraine."

Russia's Mission in Ukraine

Nebenzia stated that Russia's operation in Ukraine is not against its people, language, or culture but against the "criminal Kyiv regime" for not ending the war against its citizens in Donbas.

He emphasized that Russia's task is to prevent the Ukrainian government from "finally destroying its people."

Response to Attack on 'Novocherkassk'

The massive strike on targets in Ukraine, including Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, and other cities, was reportedly in response to an attack on the ship 'Novocherkassk.' The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that critical targets were attacked, including a military factory in Kyiv and a port in Odessa, resulting in casualties and injuries. Kiev's Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported that three people were trapped under debris in a warehouse damaged by missile fragments in the Shevchenkivskyi district.