Russia calls for immediate ceasefire

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.08 - 2023 6:10 AM CET

Russia calls for immediate ceasefire.

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In a recent development, Russia has urgently called for an immediate ceasefire. The Russian Foreign Ministry made the announcement, emphasizing the need to de-escalate the ongoing conflict.

"The situation in Gaza is deteriorating rapidly, and we call for an immediate ceasefire," said Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry according to AP.

She further added, "It is crucial to prevent further loss of life and to ensure the safety of civilians."

The call from Russia comes amid escalating violence in the region, which has led to numerous casualties and widespread destruction. The Russian government is urging both sides to halt hostilities and engage in dialogue to resolve the conflict.

According to Zakharova, Russia is deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza. "The international community must act swiftly to provide aid and ensure the well-being of the affected population," she stated.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also highlighted the role of international organizations in mediating the conflict.

"We believe that the United Nations and other international bodies should be actively involved in facilitating a peaceful resolution," Zakharova said.

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