Russia Claims Access to Ukrainian Elite Forces' Talks of Overthrowing President Zelensky

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.11 - 2024 3:43 PM CET

Photo: Paparazzza /
Photo: Paparazzza /
Russia Claims Access to Ukrainian Elite Forces' Talks of Overthrowing President Zelensky.

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Russia claims to have gained access to the correspondence among the elite of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, revealing discussions about the potential overthrow of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and the army command.

The information emerged from communications among soldiers from various elite units, including marines, special forces, and intelligence services, who expressed dissatisfaction with recent changes in military leadership. This is reported by Lenta.

According to the Russian news outlet Lenta, Russian security forces reportedly accessed these discussions through the closed Telegram channel ParaBelum, which includes radical fighters from the elite units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Among the vocal critics is Maxim Shevtsov, a commander in the Ukrainian army's 80th separate air assault brigade, who advocated for a change in leadership away from Zelensky, pointing to issues beyond just military command.

This development follows the resignation of the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with Defense Minister Rustem Umerov confirming the change in leadership.

President Zelensky praised the outgoing commander for his service and emphasized the need for renewal within the Ukrainian army. The former ground forces commander, Alexander Syrsky, has since assumed the role.

Additionally, it was announced that the former commander-in-chief would be appointed as Ukraine's ambassador to the UK, a position he initially declined before accepting following a direct request from President Zelensky. This move has sparked speculation, including from State Duma deputy Alexey Chepa, who suggested Zelensky's decision was motivated by a desire to remove a potential political rival.

Ukraine has not commented on the Russian statement, and it is currently unconfirmed by anyone other than the Russians. Therefore, it is worth noting that this could be propaganda.

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