Russia Conducts Major Missile and Drone Attack on Ukrainian Cities

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.07 - 2024 8:14 AM CET

Stock photo: Photo: Wiki Commons
Stock photo: Photo: Wiki Commons
Russia Conducts Major Missile and Drone Attack on Ukrainian Cities.

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Russia initiated a widespread missile and drone assault on several Ukrainian regions, including Kyiv, Lviv, Mykolaiv, and Kharkiv oblasts, early on February 7th. This latest offensive marks a continuation of the conflict's intensity, affecting both civilian and infrastructure targets across Ukraine.

This is reported by Kyiv Independent.

Impact Across Ukrainian Cities

In the capital city of Kyiv, explosions were reported, with journalists from Kyiv Independent witnessing the events firsthand. The capital's Dniprovskyi district was notably affected, where missile debris caused injuries to at least three individuals, two of whom required hospitalization, as stated by Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko. The attack also led to damage to two high-voltage lines in the area, alongside reports of fires in vehicles and an 18-story building within the Holosiivskyi district, resulting in further injuries.

Mayor Klitschko highlighted the aftermath of the assault, noting power outages and damage to heating infrastructure on the eastern bank of Kyiv, with water supply issues also being reported on the western bank.

Regional Responses to the Attack

Lviv Oblast Governor Maksym Kozytskyi disclosed through Telegram that cruise missiles were detected maneuvering through the airspace between Lviv, Ternopil, and Ivano-Frankivsk oblasts, with Drohobych experiencing several explosions. Fortunately, no casualties or damages were reported in Drohobych.

Kharkiv Oblast saw at least four separate strikes, as per Governor Oleh Suniehubov, targeting the Slobidskyi district and resulting in damage to a non-residential building. A 52-year-old woman sustained minor injuries but did not need hospital treatment.

Mykolaiv Oblast faced attacks from both missiles and Shahed-type drones, with Governor Vitalii Kim reporting damage to approximately 20 residential buildings. The city's Mayor Oleksandr Senkevych later confirmed the death of a man injured during the attack, underscoring the fatal consequences of the offensive.

Broader Implications and International Response

The attacks prompted a defensive response beyond Ukraine's borders, with Warsaw reporting that Polish and allied aircraft were scrambled in reaction to the Russian strikes, a measure that has been taken during previous mass missile attacks.

This aggressive maneuver by Russia not only exacerbates the humanitarian situation in Ukraine but also raises concerns about the stability and security of the wider region. The international community continues to monitor the situation closely, with responses and strategies being adapted in real-time to address the evolving conflict.

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