Russia desperately tries to reclaim weapons

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.09 - 2023 12:25 PM CET

Russia desperately tries to reclaim weapons.

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Russia has been making efforts to reclaim some of the weapons it previously exported to various countries, including Pakistan, Egypt, Belarus, and Brazil.

According to The Wall Street Journal, which cites sources familiar with the matter, Russian officials have been actively seeking the return of military equipment, such as over a hundred helicopter engines from Egypt, to support its ongoing war in Ukraine.

In a notable instance, a Russian delegation reportedly secured an agreement from Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for the return of about 150 engines, with deliveries expected to commence soon.

These discussions are part of a broader strategy by Russia to replenish its arsenal by reaching out to its traditional arms customers.

The Wall Street Journal highlights that Russia's war efforts have led to a repurposing of its arms exports, with equipment initially intended for countries like India and Armenia being redirected to the conflict in Ukraine.

This shift has impacted Russia's arms export business, which has been a significant source of revenue for the country.

As Ukraine's counteroffensive has put pressure on Russian forces, Moscow is looking to regain the upper hand on the battlefield. However, it remains uncertain whether the acquisition of these returned weapons will provide Russia with the necessary resources to intensify its military operations.

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