Russia Disrupts Ukrainian Contract for Fighter Jet Supply

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.21 - 2023 11:43 AM CET

Russia Disrupts Ukrainian Contract for Fighter Jet Supply.

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Russians used diplomatic pressure in an unnamed country to disrupt a contract for supplying Ukraine with aircraft.

Vladyslav Belbas, the director of "Ukrainian Armored Vehicles," shared this information in an interview with Pravda.

According to Belbas, the company began negotiations to purchase fighter jets from a country "on the other side of the planet."

The Ministry of Defense confirmed the need for the aircraft, and the seller was ready to sell. However, one of the letters about this deal fell into Russian hands.

"Very soon, a representative of the Russian embassy in this country started walking around with this letter and threatening local officials that Russia would close some projects for this country. Ultimately, the deal fell through because the supplier country changed its mind about offering these fighter jets," Belbas noted.