Russia furious at Norway: "It's Nazism"

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.08 - 2023 6:29 AM CET

Russia furious at Norway: "It's Nazism".

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Russia has expressed strong displeasure with Norway.

The EU Commission decided in September that cars registered in Russia could no longer enter the EU. This decision made it significantly more challenging for Russians to cross borders into countries like Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia.

Norway, not being a part of the EU, also shares a border with Russia. The 196-kilometer stretch could easily be exploited by Russian drivers to enter Finland, as border control between the two Nordic countries is not particularly strict due to their inclusion in the Schengen Area.

However, Norway put an end to this loophole earlier in the week by aligning its decision with the rest of the EU.

Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, described the ban imposed by several European countries on Russian-registered cars entering their territories as a manifestation of Nazism. Lavrov also expressed astonishment at how representatives of European countries have "lost their sense of decency."

Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for Russia's Foreign Ministry, echoed Lavrov's sentiments, stating that the car ban could only be viewed as a form of "Nazism against Russians."

She also warned that the actions of the mentioned EU countries would not go without a proper response.

The Norwegian government has stated that the ban contains several exceptions, including diplomatic vehicles, cars owned by Norwegian citizens or their families with permanent residence in Russia, and urgent trips like funerals.