Russia in trouble: British Intelligence reports thousands of Russian casualties

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.28 - 2023 2:39 PM CET

British Intelligence reports thousands of Russian casualties

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British intelligence has reported a significant cost to the Russian military in their recent attempts to advance in the Avdiivka area, Donetsk region.

In a recent intelligence review, the British Ministry of Defence highlighted the heavy toll on Russian forces. Despite making modest progress, described as one of their most significant achievements since spring 2023, the Russian army has suffered thousands of casualties.

The Ministry's report, as cited by European Pravda, noted that Russian efforts to encircle Avdiivka have seen some success, with the front line moving up to 2 kilometers forward since the beginning of October.

This advancement has brought Russian forces closer to the Avdiivka Coke Plant, a key defensive position held by Ukrainian forces.

However, despite these developments, Ukrainian forces maintain control over a crucial corridor approximately 7 kilometers wide, ensuring continued supplies to the city. The situation underscores the ongoing intensity of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, with significant human costs, especially for the Russian military."