Russia installs nuclear-armed Avangard missile

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.16 - 2023 2:38 PM CET

Photo: MoD of Russian Federation
Photo: MoD of Russian Federation
Russia installs nuclear-armed Avangard missile.

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In a significant development in its military strategy, Russia has bolstered its arsenal by placing another nuclear Avangard missile into a silo in the Orenburg region. This action is part of a broader initiative to update Russia's armament, particularly in the Yasnensky missile formation.

According to, the Russian Ministry of Defense showcased this advancement through a video, highlighting the meticulous preparation involved in the missile's installation, which includes comprehensive training and combat readiness facilities.

The Avangard system, a forefront of Russian military technology, was introduced in 2019. It features a hypersonic cruise warhead capable of reaching speeds up to Mach 27, a feat of engineering by the Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation.

This system is Russia's answer to the US missile defense, boasting capabilities that render it impervious to current defense mechanisms.

The Avangard missile is distinguished by its Hypersonic Glide Vehicles, enabling it to operate at lower altitudes with unprecedented maneuverability.

This design makes it a formidable challenge to conventional missile defenses. The missile's substantial nuclear payload and high kinetic energy underscore its strategic importance in Russia's defense capabilities.

This development marks a pivotal moment in Russia's military evolution, reflecting a commitment to maintaining a robust and technologically advanced defense system. The Avangard missile's deployment in the Orenburg silo signifies a new era in Russia's strategic military posture, with implications for global defense dynamics.

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