Russia Introduces AI-Powered Drone Defense System

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.26 - 2024 9:29 AM CET

Russia has unveiled 'Stupor,' an AI-driven drone defense system capable of autonomously detecting and neutralizing drones within a range of 5 km.

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Russia has rolled out 'Stupor,' an advanced drone defense system capable of autonomous operation, as reported by the Kremlin-affiliated RIA Novosti.

Engineers behind Stupor shared that the system underwent testing in the harsh conditions of northern Russia, where temperatures dropped to 20 degrees below zero.

Stupor is designed to identify and neutralize drones using a variety of techniques. Its integration of artificial intelligence allows it to operate independently, without needing human intervention.

According to its creators, Stupor can spot potential threats from more than 5 km away and intercept them within a 2 km range.

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