Russia "modifies" military health standards to boost troop numbers

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.04 - 2023 9:56 AM CET


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The Russian Defense Ministry has put forth a proposal to amend its medical fitness requirements for military service.

This move follows President Vladimir Putin's directive to expand the Russian military forces by an additional 170,000 personnel.

The details of the proposed changes remain somewhat vague, as the exact policies under revision have not been disclosed publicly.

However, the information available on the government's official legal portal indicates that these amendments will focus on citizens with certain health issues that are deemed not to significantly impact their capacity to serve in the military.

The published document elaborates that the aim is to "improve" the health requirements for various categories of military personnel, including conscripts, contract soldiers, and draftees.

This initiative is a direct response to President Putin's recent order to bolster the Russian military's numbers. The Defense Ministry has clarified that the additional soldiers will primarily comprise citizens who express a willingness to serve under contract.

This approach indicates a potential shift in the recruitment strategy, potentially accommodating a broader range of individuals for military service.

The implications of these changes are yet to be fully understood, and it remains to be seen how this adjustment in medical fitness criteria will impact the overall composition and capabilities of the Russian military.