Russia Prepares for Attack: Constructs Decoy Bridge Near Crimea

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.05 - 2024 2:25 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Suddenly, the bridge connecting the Crimean Peninsula and Russia has a new neighbor.

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A fleet of large barges, typically old and in poor condition, now anchors in a straight line just 500 meters southwest of the bridge. This unexpected development is not without reason, as reported by Danish TV 2.

The Crimean bridge, having survived multiple Ukrainian attacks, remains intact. However, it appears Russia is bracing for more assaults at the Kerch Strait, where the bridge stands.

The first barge appeared around May 12, and by June 1, nine were anchored.

Defensive Strategy at Kerch Strait

This move is part of several measures to ensure the bridge can withstand future attacks, according to Dmitrij Pletenjuk, spokesperson for the southern section of Ukraine's military forces, who spoke to the Freedom TV channel.

“They are trying to protect the structure with the barges we see in satellite images. They primarily protect against missiles. The barges are positioned so missiles might mistake them for the bridge,” Pletenjuk explains.

Decoy Tactics and Enhanced Surveillance

By positioning these barges, Russia aims to have any potential missiles hit the decoys instead of the actual bridge, Pletenjuk says.

Additionally, Russia has redeployed 12 to 14 patrol boats and warships that previously guarded the area. However, this does not mean the surveillance has decreased.

“There is significant aerial activity, ensuring Russia can continuously intercept missiles heading towards the bridge,” the spokesperson adds.

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