Russia Ready for Negotiations with Ukraine on Western Territory

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.05 - 2023 11:44 AM CET

Photo: President's Office
Photo: President's Office
Russia Ready for Negotiations with Ukraine on Western Territory.

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Russia has expressed readiness for negotiations with Ukraine, which could potentially take place on the territory of a Western country. This information was provided by a high-ranking source according to "Izvestia,"

Apparently Russia is open to holding talks with Kyiv in a Western country. It is likely that the mediator role could be assigned to a country that is not a member of NATO.

The report mentions that Budapest is still willing to offer its services as a mediator between Moscow and Kyiv.

According to Izvestia, Russia has not rejected such proposals, but they report that Ukraine has not shown the same interest in negotiating with Russia as Russia has allegedly shown with Ukraine.

"Kyiv is determined to strictly follow the West's directives and continue the conflict to the last Ukrainian," said Rodion Miroshnik, the Special Ambassador of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a conversation with journalists.

Are Ukraine considering peace talks?

While the media outlet Izvestia reports that Ukraine has not shown interest in negotiating, it is possible that changes are underway.

Ukrainian political analyst Ruslan Bortnik has stated that Western countries and several Ukrainian politicians are beginning to prepare citizens for a peaceful resolution of the conflict with Russia.

He expressed these views on "Novosti.LIVE," with the recording available on YouTube.

"Western media and some of our politicians are already hanging this gun on the wall for us to see, to get us accustomed to its presence. Obviously, there is a certain preparation for possible negotiations," the expert noted.