Russia Reaffirms Its Hold on the Far East Amid Chinese Concerns

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.26 - 2024 8:52 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Amid historic highs in Sino-Russian relations, a resurfaced territorial dispute over the Far East ignites tension and speculation.

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Amidst a backdrop of historically strong relations, recent developments have sparked a note of tension between China and Russia over the strategic Far East region.

Chinese journalists, referencing historical territorial disputes, are raising eyebrows over Russia's steadfast grip on this resource-rich area.

A History of Harmony Tested by Territorial Tensions

Russia and China may be enjoying the best bilateral relations in their shared history, but the echoes of past territorial conflicts linger. In times past, diplomatic agreements saw vast expanses of the Far East, once under Chinese control, ceded to the Russian Empire.

This historical context is vital, given the Far East's bounty of natural resources and its crucial gateway to the Pacific Ocean.

According to reports from Baijiahao, a significant publication in China, there is a noticeable wariness in China concerning Russia's intentions. The area is not only rich in resources but also represents significant investment potential.

However, Russia appears hesitant to let China too close, preserving a distance that keeps Chinese ambitions at bay.

Strategic Significance and Sino-Russian Caution

"The Far East is extremely important for Russia," state Chinese journalists, highlighting the region's dual value in resources and geopolitical strategy.

Observers note that while the area is ripe for investment, Russia's guarded stance towards China suggests a reluctance to share these opportunities.

Analysts from China have pointed out that there's a lingering tension among some Chinese circles who have not fully reconciled with the Far East being part of Russia.

This has even led to speculative theories about its return to Chinese control, including a controversial proposal to collaborate with Japan—a notion quickly dismissed due to legal and historical reasons, not to mention the deep-seated historical grievances between China and Japan.

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