Russia Shoots Down Drone Over Ukrainian City: Hits Hotel and Injures 11

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.11 - 2024 9:55 AM CET

Russia Shoots Down Drone Over Ukrainian City: Hits Hotel and Injures 11.

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Russia's Defense Ministry reported the interception and destruction of four Ukrainian drones over the Rostov, Tula, and Kaluga regions. Kaluga Governor Vladislav Shapsha confirmed that one of these drones exploded above a pumping station in Kaluga, resulting in damage to the structure but fortunately not causing a fire.

Simultaneously, the Russian Emergencies Ministry reported two significant fires in the Moscow region. According to their statement, rescue operations are underway in the village of Obukhovo near Moscow, where both a production facility and an administrative building have been affected by the fires. The ministry assured that there were no casualties from these incidents.

However, the conflict took a more dire turn in Ukraine. According to Radio Free Europe, a Russian missile strike on a hotel in downtown Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city, resulted in injuries to 11 individuals. Among the injured were Turkish journalists staying at the hotel, as reported by regional Governor Oleh Synyehubov early on January 11. Synyehubov also noted that one individual was in serious condition following the attack.

At the time of the strike, over 30 civilians were present inside the hotel, as stated by Synyehubov on Telegram. Ukraine's emergency services confirmed that the injured included hotel staff and guests, with one being a foreign journalist, though further details were not provided.

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov emphasized that no military personnel were staying at the hotel, highlighting the civilian nature of the site targeted in the attack. The strike in Kharkiv thus adds another layer to the ongoing conflict, illustrating the broad and often tragic impact of military actions on civilian life and infrastructure.