Russia Targets Ukrainian Railways to Disrupt Western Aid Deliveries

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.27 - 2024 9:17 AM CET

Strikes on Key Transport Hubs Escalate Tensions.

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Russia has intensified its military operations against Ukrainian railway facilities, aiming to derail the inflow of Western military support to Ukraine. This strategic move comes shortly after Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu vowed to step up attacks in response to the resumption of American arms shipments to the Ukrainian front. This is reported by Moscow Times.

On April 25th, Russian forces launched a missile attack on a railway station in Udachne, Donetsk region, killing three employees of the Ukrainian state railway company Ukrzaliznytsia.

The victims, identified as 26-year-old Bohdan Kovalev, 26-year-old Mykhailo Bandrivsky, and 37-year-old Serhiy Kuznetsov, suffered fatal injuries, while four others were hospitalized with varying degrees of severity.

Widening Scope of Attacks

Another attack was carried out in Balakliia, Kharkiv region, where three railway workers and ten civilians were injured. The missile, believed to be an Iskander-M, struck near a suburban train during its route, severely damaging the railway and disrupting the service.

Further south, in Smila, Cherkasy region, local authorities reported six minor injuries following a similar strike, with all victims refusing hospitalization.

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the strikes, claiming significant damage to Western military equipment in Udachne and alleging that members of the 67th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were targeted while loading onto a train in Balakliia.

Emergency Responses and Evacuations

Amidst these escalations, on April 26th, the mayor of Kyiv announced the urgent evacuation of two city hospitals following threats broadcasted online by the head of Belarus's KGB, Ivan Tertel. The statement, dismissed by the Ukrainian Security Service as a psychological operation benefiting Russia, falsely accused the hospitals of harboring terrorists.

International Support and the Ongoing Conflict

This surge in hostilities occurs in the wake of the United States and the United Kingdom ramping up their military support for Ukraine. On April 24th, President Joe Biden signed a bill approving $61 billion in aid, with the first batch of arms expected to reach Kyiv by month's end. Simultaneously, the UK announced it would supply Ukraine with advanced Paveway IV precision-guided bombs among other critical resources, marking the largest military aid package in British history.

Russian troops have recently captured several villages west of Avdiivka, Donetsk region, and the fighting has intensified around the strategic town of Chasov Yar on the Bakhmut front.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has urged member countries to quickly convert their pledged support into actual deliveries, emphasizing the urgency of the situation on the ground.

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