Russia threatens neighboring country over new defense agreement with the United States

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.19 - 2023 2:02 PM CET


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Russia has issued a stern warning to Finland following the Nordic country's recent defense agreement with the United States. On December 19, the Finnish ambassador to Moscow was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, where representatives conveyed Russia's stance on the matter.

Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, expressed that Russia views the defense cooperation between Finland and the United States as a threat to its security.

According to European Pravda, Zakharova stated that Russia will take necessary measures to counter what it perceives as "aggressive decisions" by Finland and its NATO allies.

Zakharova emphasized the Russian Federation's concern over the potential transformation of a region of good neighborliness into a zone of possible confrontation, holding Finnish authorities responsible for any such shift.

The defense agreement in question was signed in Washington on December 18 by Finnish Defense Minister Antti Häkkanen and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

This bilateral defense cooperation agreement aims to simplify military cooperation and training between the two countries. Once ratified, it will facilitate easier movement of troops and equipment without requiring approvals at high levels as previously needed.

The agreement also details 15 zones for use by the US military, with certain facilities within these zones being exclusively accessible to the United States.

Negotiations on this deal concluded in October 2023, and the agreement awaits official approval from the Finnish parliament.

Russia's response to this agreement underscores the heightened tensions and strategic realignments occurring in the wake of recent geopolitical developments. The nature of Russia's proposed countermeasures remains unspecified, but the situation highlights the ongoing complexities in Russia's relationships with its Western neighbors and the broader international community.