Russia Upsets Japanese Leadership with Strategic Decisions

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.01 - 2024 12:31 PM CET

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Photo: ID1974 /
Russia's recent strategic decisions have left Japan's leadership unsettled.

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Russia has recently caught Japan off guard twice in a matter of days, prompting analysis from Chinese political experts.

Relations between the two nations have hit their lowest point since Japan's post-WWII surrender, halting cooperation in many areas and ceasing peace treaty negotiations. Amid this tension, Japan announced another round of sanctions against Russia, to which President Vladimir Putin responded in a surprising manner, according to Chinese outlet NetEase.

"Japan Hits a Wall," Say Chinese Analysts

Observers in China noted a spike in unfavorable news for Japan coming from Russia.

The most significant development was Russia's official withdrawal from a strategic disarmament agreement with Japan.

This agreement, established in the 1990s, involved Tokyo's assistance in dismantling nuclear weapons. The unilateral termination of this pact by Moscow suggests that Japan will no longer benefit from Russian collaboration in advancing its nuclear disarmament technology.

This move was the second instance in a week where Russia unsettled Japan. Earlier, Russia issued a stern warning to Japan regarding its constitutional constraints on military power.

Russia’s Warning on Japan’s Constitutional Changes

Russia cautioned Japan against repealing Article 9 of its Constitution, which forbids maintaining a conventional military force.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned that such a change would have significant international repercussions for Tokyo.

Chinese analysts described these actions as a clear message from President Putin to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, emphasizing that continued provocations would not bode well for Japan.

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