Russia Warns of 'Extremely Painful' Retaliation Against Neighbouring Country for Moscow House Takeover

Written by Jeppe W

Jan.12 - 2024 11:58 AM CET

Photo: Kremlin
Photo: Kremlin

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Russia has issued a stark warning to Latvia following the Latvian parliament's decision to take over the Moscow House in Riga. The controversial move, which Russia has branded as "state theft," is a response to the property being funded by the mayor of Moscow and allegedly being used for Russian propaganda purposes.

Marija Zakharova, spokesperson for Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed Russia's vehement opposition to Latvia's decision. According to the state-owned news agency Tass, Zakharova stated, "The reaction from the Russian side will be harsh and extremely painful for Latvia."

This latest development adds to the already tense relations between Russia and its neighboring countries, especially those in the Baltic region. The Moscow House in Riga has become a focal point of contention, with Latvia's parliament asserting its misuse for disseminating Russian propaganda.

Moreover, Zakharova also commented on the United States' plans to confiscate Russian assets worth 300 billion dollars for the reconstruction of Ukraine. Labeling the plan as "21st-century piracy," she threatened a "brutal retaliation" if such confiscation occurs, as reported by Reuters.

The escalation in rhetoric from Russia indicates a further deterioration in international relations, particularly with its neighboring countries and the U.S. The situation underscores the ongoing geopolitical tensions resulting from Russia's actions in Ukraine and the broader responses from the international community.

As the situation continues to evolve, the global community watches closely, aware of the potential ramifications of these diplomatic standoffs. The threat of an 'extremely painful' response from Russia highlights the serious nature of these international disputes and the delicate balance of power in the region.

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