Russia Warns Ukraine and the West: 'Time is Running Out'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.30 - 2023 12:59 PM CET

Nebenzia warns the West and Kyiv that time is running out.

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Russian representative Vasily Nebenzia, speaking at the UN Security Council, has called for preparation for what he describes as impending bad news for Ukraine and the West.

This statement comes amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, where Russia has been engaged in a 'military operation' since early 2022.

Military Plans of Kyiv Regime Deemed a Failure

According to Lenta, Nebenzia claimed that the military plans of the Kyiv regime have suffered a total fiasco, indicating that the West and Ukraine should brace for unfavorable developments.

He asserted that regardless of whether Washington or Brussels approves new packages of military and financial aid for Zelensky and his group, the outcome would not be favorable for them.

The diplomat emphasized that Ukraine's plans to resolve the conflict on the battlefield have failed. He called the military victory over Russia an unattainable goal, challenging the ongoing support and belief in Ukraine's ability to overcome Russian forces.

Ukraine's Inability to Hold the Frontline

Nebenzia further stated that Ukraine lacks and will not have the resources to hold the situation on the frontline or achieve a breakthrough in the conflict in its favor. He mentioned that the threat emanating from Ukrainian territory, created by NATO countries, will be eliminated either militarily as part of the special operation or through political-diplomatic methods.

Nebenzia's Warning to the Kyiv

Nebenzia warned that the time for the "Kyiv regime" is rapidly running out, but assured that civilians are not threatened.

He added that Moscow has never refused peaceful resolution in the political and diplomatic space, offering Ukrainian authorities a chance to preserve territorial integrity and lives.

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