Russian and Ukrainian forces locked in fierce battle for Avdiivka

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.14 - 2023 8:54 AM CET


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In the ongoing conflict in the Avdiivka area, Russian troops have reported notable advancements, particularly towards the eastern outskirts of Stepove, located merely 3 kilometers north of Avdiivka.

This information has been substantiated by geolocated footage released on November 10, according to The Institute of War (ISW)

Despite these assertions, the situation on the ground presents a contrasting picture.

The General Staff of Ukraine has countered these claims, reporting unsuccessful Russian attacks in several areas around Avdiivka, including southeast and south of Novokalynove, east of Pervomaiske, and near Novobakhmutivka, as well as in the vicinity of Avdiivka and Sieverne.

Dispute Over Avdiivka Coke Plant Control

Amidst these claims, a significant point of contention remains the control of the Avdiivka Coke Plant.

Russian military bloggers have indicated ongoing conflicts near the plant, with one stating that Ukrainian forces retain control over a substantial portion of the facility.

This contradicts other claims suggesting that Russian forces have successfully seized the plant.

Further adding to the complexity of the situation, Russian military bloggers have acknowledged that Ukrainian forces mounted a successful counterattack near Avdiivka on November 13.

As per these reports, Ukrainian troops made advances towards the railway station near Stepove and the Tsarska Okhota restaurant to the south of Avdiivka.

Beyond Avdiivka, Russian sources have noted ongoing ground operations by Ukrainian forces on the eastern bank of the Kherson Oblast.

Claims suggest that Ukrainian troops, holding positions in Krynky (30km northeast of Kherson Oblast and 2km from the Dnipro River), have expanded their control south of the settlement.