Russian Celebrities Issue Public Apologies

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.26 - 2023 6:35 PM CET


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Several Russian pop stars and celebrities have issued public apologies after attending an 'almost naked' party, sparking a significant uproar in conservative circles, The Moscow Times reports.

The private event, held at a Moscow nightclub and attended by high-profile media and music personalities, drew criticism for being unpatriotic and disrespectful towards Russian soldiers.

Anastasia Ivleeva, the party's organizer and a well-known media figure, took to Telegram to express her remorse for the controversy caused by viral footage from the event.

She admitted the inappropriateness of filming and distributing such content and pledged to donate a portion of the party's proceeds to charity. Ivleeva apologized to the public and her guests, acknowledging her full responsibility for the incident.

Filipp Kirkorov, a prominent pop star, also expressed regret for his participation, recognizing the need for greater responsibility in the current challenging times. He emphasized his desire to avoid any restrictions on his art in Russia due to this incident.

Veteran singer Lolita expressed surprise at the backlash and mentioned the professional consequences she faced, including canceled concerts and edited appearances in pre-recorded TV shows. Similarly, singer Dima Bilan conveyed his understanding of the public's resentment and reiterated his support for pro-war causes and Russian soldiers' families.

Media personality Ksenia Sobchak also issued an apology, acknowledging that sharing images from the party was inappropriate, especially considering the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. She expressed her wish not to incite hatred or anger due to this incident.

Notably, most artists disapproved of rapper VACÍO (Nikolai Vasilyev)'s attire at the party, where he was seen wearing only a sock. Vasilyev faced legal consequences, including a fine and a 15-day jail sentence, for charges of "gay propaganda" and petty hooliganism.

These apologies follow a growing trend in Russia, particularly since the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, where public figures are compelled to publicly atone for actions deemed inappropriate or controversial by the authorities or public opinion.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov popularized this practice, with critics often being forced to issue on-camera apologies.