Russian Children Receive Military Training Near Norwegian Border

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.16 - 2024 11:27 AM CET

Russian children are being trained in military tactics 7 kilometers from the Norwegian border.

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In the village of Pechenega, Murmansk Oblast, located just 7 kilometers from the border with Norway, Russian children are being taught how to use assault rifles and camouflage nets.

Norwegian media outlet NRK, with Barents Observer editor Thomas Nilsen sharing revealing photos on Twitter.

The photos depict children handling real Kalashnikov rifles and engaging in military training.

The source of these images, verified by Faktisk, traces back to content shared by the Russian military-patriotic youth organization Yunarmiya on Russian social networks.

"It's a whole new everyday life that has come right to us. For the part of Norway that borders Russia, it's brutal," Nilsen stated.

A Shift in the Social Landscape

The training, some of which was reportedly conducted in the town of Nikel, near Pechenega, signifies a profound change in the social fabric of the area.

Nilsen, familiar with the region, noted a dramatic shift since Barents Observer's last visit.

Magnus Meland, mayor of the Norwegian border municipality of Sør Varanger, voiced his concern, suggesting that the friendship agreement between Sør Varanger and Pechenega should be reconsidered.

"It breaks my heart that children have to go through this. It is absolutely surreal to see such footage," Meland commented.

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