Russian Lawmaker Added to Wanted List After Criticizing Putin and War in Ukraine

Written by Jeppe W

Jan.16 - 2024 1:31 PM CET


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Sergey Medvedev, a member of the Perm City Duma known for his outspoken criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine, has reportedly been placed on a wanted list. This development was reported by the anonymous Telegram channel PogonyGalstuky and news outlet

Medvedev, who recently made headlines for his bold statements against the Kremlin's actions in Ukraine, is said to have left Russia for Kazakhstan on January 13. A source close to law enforcement confirmed his addition to the wanted list following his departure.

In a January 15 interview with a correspondent from local news outlet, Medvedev declined to confirm his departure from Russia and did not disclose his current location. He mentioned that local police had contacted him, requesting a meeting.

Medvedev's controversial stance came to light through a post on the Russian social media platform VKontakte, dated December 31. In this post, he condemned the war in Ukraine, calling for an end to the "bloody massacre" and the "cruel punishment" of those responsible. He expressed his dismay at the state of Russia and its people, urging a wake-up call against the ongoing killings and the prospect of Putin running for election again. His post was a clear call for an end to the war and for Russia to free itself from Putin's leadership.

Following the spread of screenshots of Medvedev's post on pro-Kremlin Telegram channels on January 11, the leadership of the Perm Krai Communist Party committee announced that they had expelled Medvedev from the party and the communist faction of the Perm City Duma.

This case highlights the risks faced by Russian public figures who openly criticize the government's policies and actions, especially regarding the sensitive issue of the war in Ukraine. Medvedev's situation underscores the increasingly repressive environment in Russia for dissenting voices.