Russian man imprisoned for theft: Forced into war by Prigozhin and lost both legs

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.22 - 2023 9:57 AM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons / Twitter
Photo: Wikipedia Commons / Twitter
Forced into war by Prigozhin and lost both legs.

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More than eighteen months have passed since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began, and the toll of this conflict is heartbreakingly evident. The war has claimed the lives of soldiers from both nations and tragically, many innocent men, women, and children have also been caught in the crossfire.

In addition to the loss of life, numerous individuals have returned from the warfront with life-altering injuries. One such individual is Vyacheslav Kolesov, a Russian national whose story has recently come to light.

Anton Gerashchenko, Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, shared a post on social media platform X, featuring a video about Vyacheslav Kolesov.

According to Gerashchenko, Kolesov found himself in prison due to theft. Last year, the now-deceased Wagner leader, Prigozhin, reportedly visited the prison and selected some inmates to be sent to war, allegedly remarking, "You're just going there to die."

Kolesov's experience in the war led to him losing both legs. Now, he faces the daily struggle of having to crawl up stairs on his hands to enter his home.

Gerashchenko concluded his post by labeling Kolesov's story as "A typical story of Russian cannon fodder."

The video of Kolesov can be watched below

The response in the comments section reflects a range of emotions. While Kolesov might view his fate as harsh, some commenters express little empathy. One person wrote, "Zero sympathy," while another added, "actually he got lucky."

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