Russian Navy Captain Froze to Death in His Home

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.11 - 2024 1:39 PM CET

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Russian Navy Captain Froze to Death in His Home.

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In a tragic incident reflecting Russia's deepening energy crisis, a 60-year-old Russian navy captain, Vladislav Shevashkevich, was found deceased in his home due to freezing temperatures. The unfortunate event occurred in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg, located on the border with Finland, on January 3.

According to Shevashkevich's brother-in-law, Oleg, who spoke to, the area had been experiencing power outages since December 29. The power company attributed the outages to snow accumulation on power lines, a claim contradicted by locals who reported no snowfall in the area for several days.

Despite Oleg's invitation to spend New Year’s Eve at his home, which had a functioning fireplace, Shevashkevich chose to stay at his residence, hoping for an imminent restoration of electricity. The last communication from him was on New Year’s Day.

Oleg has pointed fingers at the power company, alleging negligence for failing to foresee and rectify the outages in time. The company is now under scrutiny, with an ongoing investigation into the cause of Shevashkevich's death.

This incident is not an isolated one but part of a broader energy delivery crisis currently plaguing Russia, especially near Moscow. Residents have resorted to making bonfires in their yards to combat the plummeting temperatures, as witnessed in photos and videos circulating on local Russian Telegram channels.

The crisis has also led to mechanical failures in infrastructure, exemplified by an incident at the Klimovsk Specialized Ammunition Plant in a Moscow suburb. The failure there left 22,000 people without heating, resulting in the arrest of three individuals, including the plant's director and officials from the Podolsk city administration.

As the energy situation worsens, the Russian government has stepped in, announcing the nationalization of the ammunition factory to address the heating outage. This series of events underscores the severity of the heating and power challenges facing Russia during a particularly harsh winter.

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