Russian neighbor takes new step: These car stickers are now illegal

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.26 - 2023 12:15 PM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Wikipedia Commons
'These car stickers are now illegal'

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Latvian authorities are cracking down on drivers who display potentially provocative inscriptions in Russian on their vehicles.

The police have warned that such inscriptions, including phrases like "I am Russian" or "I am a Russian woman," could be interpreted as supporting Russia's military aggression in Ukraine.

If caught, drivers will be ordered to remove the inscriptions immediately and may face fines for propagating military aggression. This move comes as Latvia, along with Estonia and Lithuania, has tightened restrictions on vehicles with Russian license plates entering their territories.

Latvian law enforcement agencies are taking a firm stance against what they perceive as provocative inscriptions on vehicles.

These inscriptions, often in Russian, are viewed as potential endorsements of Russia's military activities in Ukraine. Drivers caught displaying such messages will be ordered to remove them and could also face fines.

This new policy is part of a larger trend among Baltic states to distance themselves from Russia. On September 13, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania announced that they would no longer allow vehicles with Russian license plates to enter their countries.

This means that drivers with Russian license plates will either have to return to Russia or cross the border without their cars, which may be confiscated.

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