Russian Propaganda Missteps Lead to Losses, ISW Reports

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.09 - 2024 9:47 AM CET

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The Institute for the Study of War's latest findings reveal how conflicting narratives within Russian propaganda contribute to mounting losses on the front lines.

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In a recent analysis by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the spotlight has been cast on the role of propaganda in shaping the battlefield outcomes for Russian forces in Ukraine.

The report, detailed by Ukrinform, sheds light on how the divergence in narratives peddled by the Russian propaganda machine is not only misleading but also proving detrimental to the very troops it aims to glorify.

A Double-Edged Sword

The analysts draw attention to the fact that the discrepancies in narratives, which attempt to depict Russian troops as more combat-ready than their Ukrainian counterparts while criticizing the shortcomings of the Russian army, result in significant Russian infantry losses.

ISW notes that Russian military bloggers acknowledge the reality at the front is drastically different from the portrayal in Russian media.

According to one commentator, the Russian Federation can "laugh at Ukraine's counteroffensive towards Zaporizhzhia, only to later lose many more Russian soldiers in Avdiivka," indicating that Russia is misleading itself about the losses it will face in the war.

The Reality Behind the Screen

Another blogger points out that Russian media has focused on footage of failed attacks by Ukrainian armored vehicles during the summer 2023 counteroffensive, despite Russian forces experiencing many similar challenges during attacks, especially due to the prevalence of drones on the battlefield.

ISW notes that bloggers in the Russian Federation also debate the deployment of Russian armored vehicles and their viability on the battlefield, as well as strategies for conducting assaults. They are "closely monitoring how such discussions influence the broader perception of the war," the analysts add.

As reported, according to British intelligence, since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, the daily number of Russian casualties has increased by more than 500 people.

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