Russian propagandists fantasize about 'denazifying' Berlin and capturing Lisbon

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.28 - 2023 7:35 AM CET


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In a recent segment on Russian state television, propagandists made audacious comments about expanding the Russian empire to include countries like Portugal.

This striking statement came amidst discussions of "denazifying" Berlin, indicating a bold and expansive vision for Russia's future influence.

The clip, shared by Anton Gerashchenko, Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and founder of the Institute of the Future, reveals the extent of Russia's imperial ambitions.

One propagandist remarked, "But Lisbon has never been Russian," to which another responded, "That's a reason why it should be. The Portuguese would live just as fine as part of the Russian empire." This discussion highlights a concerning trend in Russian media, where the conquest of foreign nations is increasingly being floated as a legitimate option.

America, watch out!

The segment did not stop at Europe. The propagandists also mentioned moving on towards the United States, showcasing an unprecedented level of boldness in their expansionist rhetoric. Such statements, while not official policy, reflect a growing narrative within Russian media that advocates for an aggressive and expansionist foreign policy.

These declarations have raised alarms about Russia's intentions, especially in the wake of its ongoing military activities in Ukraine. They also underscore the broader ambitions that some in Russia harbor, extending well beyond their current military engagements.

The international community, particularly European nations and the United States, has expressed concern over these developments. These statements, while potentially hyperbolic, point to a worrisome mindset among some Russian media figures and add to the tensions already present in global geopolitics.

Watch the Russian propagandists fantasize about 'denazifying' Berlin and capturing Lisbon right here: