Russian Soldier Arrested After Interviews with Ukrainian Journalist

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.10 - 2024 1:16 PM CET

Pavel Guguev (left) being interviewed by Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Karpenko (right). Photo: YouTube
Pavel Guguev (left) being interviewed by Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Karpenko (right). Photo: YouTube
Russian soldier faces charges after interviews with Ukrainian journalist.

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A former Russian soldier who was held as a prisoner of war in Ukraine has been arrested in Moscow on charges of collaboration, following two interviews in which he criticized Russia's military leadership.

Pavel Guguev, previously serving a 12-year sentence for murder in a Russian prison, was released early to fight with the Russian military in Ukraine.

During his deployment, he was captured by Ukrainian troops and became a prisoner of war (POW).

While detained, Guguev gave an interview to Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Karpenko, criticizing Russia’s military tactics and describing the severe losses suffered by Russian forces.

This interview was posted on YouTube in May 2023 and has since garnered nearly 1.8 million views.

Second Interview Sparks Outrage

Following a prisoner exchange, Guguev returned to Russia but continued to speak out.

He granted Karpenko a second interview, in which he openly discussed Russian war crimes and military mistakes. This interview has reached 2.9 million views.

In this interview, Guguev declared, “How can I go and kill you after you spared my life? I won’t go anywhere. I simply won’t go on principle.”

Upon his return to Russia, Guguev was arrested in Moscow and charged with "collaboration" while in Ukrainian captivity.

A Moscow military court confirmed the arrest to the independent Russian news outlet Mediazona.

The charge has brought attention to the Russian government's strict stance on dissent and criticism, particularly regarding its military operations.

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