Russian soldier fumes in video: Shows new artillery shells missing crucial component

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.28 - 2023 10:53 AM CET

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Russian soldier shows new artillery shells missing crucial component.

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In a recent video that has caught the attention of the world, a Russian tank commander is seen visibly frustrated over receiving empty artillery shells. The video, which has been widely circulated online, adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The video features a Russian tank commander who is inspecting the artillery shells that were supposed to be used in operations against Ukrainian forces. To his dismay, he discovers that the shells are empty.

The commander's frustration is palpable as he vents his anger, questioning the competence of those responsible for the supply.

The tank commander is understandably angry since empty shells are not only useless in combat but also pose a risk to the troops who are depending on them.

The video has led to speculation about whether this is an isolated incident or indicative of larger supply chain issues within the Russian military.

The video has garnered significant attention, both in Russia and internationally. Critics of the Russian invasion see it as evidence of the challenges and perhaps even the futility facing Russian forces in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, supporters of the Russian government are questioning the authenticity of the video, suggesting it could be propaganda.

You can watch the video below