Russian Soldier Sentenced to 23 Years for Drunken Grenade Attack on Comrades

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.07 - 2024 9:05 PM CET

A drunk Russian soldier's reckless grenade attack kills seven comrades, leading to a 23-year prison sentence.

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A Russian soldier, Dimitry Lobovikov, has been sentenced to 23 years in a high-security prison after a drunken grenade attack killed seven of his comrades.

The 2nd Western District Military Court handed down the sentence following a jury verdict according to TASS.

The Night of the Attack

On the early morning of January 14, 2023, in the Belgorod region, a former school converted into a barracks was the scene of a horrific incident.

Lobovikov, reportedly intoxicated, pulled the pin on a grenade and threw it into the sleeping quarters of his fellow soldiers.

The explosion resulted in the deaths of seven soldiers and injuries to 16 others. The court was told that Lobovikov acted out of hooliganism, a term often used in Russian law to describe reckless or violent behavior.

Court Proceedings and Verdict

During the trial, Lobovikov claimed that he had no intention of killing anyone and described his actions as a result of foolishness and alcohol.

Despite his pleas for acquittal, the jury found him guilty but deserving of some leniency.

The court ultimately sentenced him to 23 years, including the first five years to be served in prison and the remainder in a penal colony.

He was also fined 70,000 rubles and stripped of his rank as Junior Sergeant.

Lobovikov faced multiple charges, including murder of two or more people through a dangerous method, illegal possession of explosives, and intentional destruction of property by explosion.

Initially, the prosecution had requested a 24-year sentence, emphasizing the severity of the crimes. The court, however, excluded charges related to causing minor injuries, deeming them redundant.

The defense has the option to appeal the verdict, but as it stands, Lobovikov's actions have led to a significant prison sentence and a stark reminder of the tragic consequences of recklessness and alcohol in military settings.

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