Russian soldiers pressured to capture Avdiivka ahead of Putin's press conference

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.06 - 2023 9:34 AM CET


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The Russian newspaper Vazhnye Istorii has reported a concerning development regarding the Russian military's operations in Avdiivka, Ukraine.

According to the publication, the Russian military has been ordered to capture Avdiivka before President Vladimir Putin's upcoming press conference on December 14th.

This directive comes amidst growing concerns about the treatment of Russian soldiers in the ongoing conflict.

More than 100 relatives of mobilized Russian soldiers have reportedly written a letter to President Putin, expressing alarm over the dangerous conditions faced by their loved ones. They describe the situation as "meat assaults" of Avdiivka, indicating the high-risk and potentially sacrificial nature of these military operations.

Journalists from Vazhnye Istorii have revealed that Russian commanders are allegedly sending wounded soldiers back into battle, with orders to receive medical treatment in the trenches rather than in medical facilities.

This practice raises serious questions about the regard for soldier welfare and the ethical conduct of military operations.

The letter's authors detail the harsh living conditions of the mobilized soldiers, who have reportedly been stationed in front-line trenches just 700 meters from Avdiivka for over 10 months, enduring constant exposure to enemy fire.

The situation worsened after the beginning of an active offensive phase in November, during which servicemen with moderate injuries were ordered to join assault units.

Relatives of the fighters have conveyed a sense of urgency from the command, driven by political motives related to Putin’s Direct Line and the upcoming New Year. The expectation, as relayed by the wife of one of the mobilized soldiers, is to capture Avdiivka as a “desired result” for these high-profile events.

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